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Stainless Steel,Silver - Drink Coasters

Attractive coaster cards made in Stainless/Aluminum, with a sturdy nickel finish.These are for actual use and give a high class impact when used as coasters.

Classic Telescope

This attractive decoration piece is a miniature telescope that comes with a classic latch-able leather bag. It has a high quality finish with two toned antique copper, making it a captivating showpiece.

Split "Read" Bookend

This special creative bookend pair is split into an amazing READ formation,so that once assembled at the two opposing ends it says READ. The bookend stands on a wide high quality base, hence ensuring stability

Stargazing Telescope Decor

This classic antique telescope is an elegant addition to your living room.The scope has an attractive fine finish to it, with details to the lenses and it stands on a high quality tripod stand, made up of brass and wood.

Classy Vintage Binoculars

These classy retro binoculars are made in brass and leather. The attractive design and the vintage touch makes them a perfect fit for decorating your living room. This amazing product comes with a high quality leather case, making it an excellent gift item as well.

Resin Body Letter Opener and Magnifier

This is a dual letter accessory that consists of a classic magnifying glass and letter opener.    Both the accessories hang onto a stable high quality aluminum pole with a round base.    The handles of the magnifying glass and the letter opener are made in resin, giving it a more impressive look

Miniature Eiffel Tower

This decorative piece of art is an amazing miniature variant of the original Eiffel Tower (Not to scale).The design is focused on the impressive lattice artwork from top to bottom, where it stands on all its four pillars.This magnificent tower will surely impress your guests

Future Wheels

This classy car is the best decoration piece for a mixed futuristic and vintage look to your living space. The car is made in high quality aluminum with attractive round contours,making it look modern and antique at the same time.

Moonlight Chopper Bike

This classy Chopper bike style decoration piece is one of its kind,much like the Harley Davidson's Captain America- a must have for extreme bike lovers. This bike is made in high quality aluminum, making it all the more affordable than the original bike.It stands tall with the help of a stand projecting from the body of the bike, the front and the back wheels.

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